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Results Personal Training is an appointment only, private personal training studio. We believe in challenging the status quo... thinking differently. We make sure you can move safely and efficiently before applying a load on your body or asking you to do 20 bad, pain-inducing reps.

We believe you should be proficient with a movement before advancing to the next level. We believe you should be the center of attention during your time with your trainer, and not the other way around. We believe creating pain-free movement will help you function better, which improves your strength and endurance while moving you closer to the stronger, leaner, more energetic body you have always desired.

It's time to invest in yourself

Make the change you want today!

Tired of being tired? Kick start your journey to a healthier you with Results Personal Training. Our positive atmosphere combined with our attention to the details of your workout will leave you feeling encouraged and motivated to make yourself better. It's time to invest in yourself and get the body you've always wanted. See how our clients have transformed their lives and are now living more energetic, healthier lifestyles!

It's Better Together

Join Results Personal Training with your Partner!

While we mainly focus on one-on-one personal training, we also love seeing couples and friends improve their lives together. There is nothing like the support of a partner, so you can hold each other accountable and motivate each other to get better! We have many husband and wife teams who have shed pounds and improved their lives with Results Personal Training. Ask about training together on your initial consultation!

Are you starting to be on the losing end when competing with your kids?

Regain the upper hand with Results Personal Training

Keeping up with the kids is hard to do alone. Stay on top of your game with Results Personal Training. On your initial consultation, you will go through an in-depth movement screening so we can get a baseline for your current ability and movement. Your trainer will then create a personalized plan for you, so we can achieve your fitness goals safely. Whether you are trying to slim down and lose fat or bulk up and gain muscle, you will be training the proper way to avoid injury, so you can keep up with the kids longer.

Unconventional fitness... Unconventional Results!

Come train with us

Call now (605.310.6591) or email rkc.corey@gmail.com, and invest in yourself! Let your personalized workout create the new stronger, leaner you. Get rid of daily aches and pains, banish low energy levels and create a new and more confident you. We have a proven track record, a knowledgeable staff that knows how to put together a complete program and provide a workable plan of action. We will create the support system you need to make the change you want! Call 605.310.6591 or email rkc.corey@gmail.com today, and change your life!

Aleks Salkin will be leading a Bodyweight Strength Training Workshop at Results!

Aleks Salkin will be leading a Bodyweight Strength Training Workshop at Results!

April 16th, from 9am-5pm

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